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Here is the link to the Visit Oxnard Web site.

Oxnard's Strawberries

Oxnard's delicious Strawberries


Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard

O Harbor





Guten Tag and Hello,

I am a legal alien in California. I was very lucky to have won the Green Card in the annual Green Card Lottery. The new adventure began as I relocated from Germany to the U.S. to discover how is life in the wild west.

A part of my heart beats still for Stuttgart, my home in Germany. On the right are the beautiful "Stuttgarter Maultaschen", literally 'mouth bags', delicious stuffed little pasta bags, and the famous "Stuttgarter Schlossplatz".Arrived

The other part of my heart leaps happily every day in my marvellous California. I live in Oxnard, a town in Southern California, where the most delicious strawberries grow the whole year around. Located on the Pacific Ocean, it is surrounded by fields, mountains and vineyards. The beaches are heavenly.

I love running and hiking, sailing and diving, shopping in Los Angeles, or relaxing in stylish restaurants along the famous Highway 1. I enjoy fine arts, festivals and events, cooking with family and friends. Ask me where the best places are. Come and breathe the fresh air. California smells so good.

Here is the link to the Visit Stuttgart Web site.

Stuttgarter Maultaschen

Stuttgarter Maultaschen

Photo: dpa

Stuttgarter Schlossplatz


Photo: gfd-id